Your communications strategy is the collective thread that ties your marketing efforts efforts together.

Without an effective communications strategy, the information that you are conveying about your company, your products and services and any other offerings becomes a depreciating asset. That is where Evolution Strategy Group comes in.

Our specialty is health, wellness, tech and regulated industry. Whether your goal is reach consumers or other businesses, we work with you to optimize communications and budget to increase efficiency and effectiveness. This strategic approach allows us to support the goals of your organization as well as your customers’ needs throughout their experience with your business.

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esg_logo_process_togetherOur thinking reflects our past experiences, our current work and your company’s evolution. ESG’s three-step process toward communications strategy is tailored specifically to the unique challenges that health, wellness, tech and regulated organizations face. However, like these arenas themselves, one size never fits all. Rather, we customize our approach to yours’ and your customers’ needs.

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Our Work

Our work, like our experience and our approach, runs deep and broad.

Some of ESG’s clients have included:

Merck Consumer Care

Schering-Plough HealthCare Products

Cabot Creamery

Helsing Junction Farm

National Council of Women's Organizations

Spakona by Bridget Pilloud

Bayer HealthCare Consumer Care

Tonic Design

Concentric Health Experience


Evolution in business relies a lot of being a pioneer. We are early adopters and seasoned marketing professionals, a combination that allows us to provide a nuanced expertise in your  business, wherever it falls along your lifecycle and core customer base.

Liz Scherer

Liz Scherer, Founder and Principal Strategist

Ellen Miller

Ellen Miller, Principal Strategist