We create customized wellness strategies to boost an organization’s overall health.

An important thing that we’ve noticed while working with many teams on strategic communications projects is that organizations often strive to offer solutions to patients or customers but often at the risk of neglecting their own health. The result is that strategy, processes, communications and effective tactical implementation get out of whack at the very time that a dynamic and uncertain marketplace requires acuity and structure. Even the most well-oiled machines can get squeaky from time to time; in fact, it’s to be expected. The same goes for the companies who seek our assistance to identify the right path out of what might feel like chaos. Your kit:

  • Identification of the core challenge, how and why we addressed it as we did and the overarching solution, be it a new content strategy, messaging, internal/departmental organization or a shift in the way that products/services are being offered to your customers.
  • Customized internal and external prescription for fixing the log-jam.
  • Tactical implementation (as needed), including writing, customer user journey mapping, UX design, SEO, events planning, etc.

Chemistry matters

If the shoe fits. As experienced consultants, we inherently understand that the best work evolves from the best fit. Our commitment is simple: we care about both the minutiae and the big picture, we pride ourselves on straightforward, open communications and as your partner, each and every project will be personal. We keep our skin in your game to the end but don’t wear out our welcome. We assess each project with an eye toward preparing you to move forward independently but remain engaged and accessible throughout and at the project’s completion, ready to step back in and pick up where we left off if your needs or goals have evolved.