Field Notes: Mobile Apps Trends, Living La Dolce Vita, AI and Life Sciences – a Big Win for Health Data

By February 19, 2016 Field Notes No Comments

When we aren’t focused on content strategy, we are scouring the net for interesting information that is relevant to our clients and colleagues. It’s our way of saying thank you! This week’s Field Notes offer a smattering of topics, ranging from mobile apps and Italy to a big game-changer in the health data department. Enjoy!

Mobile Apps At-a-Glance

No surprise here but Statistica  shows that personalization apps led the charge for fastest growth in 2015. Heads up content folks! The subtext is that consumers are increasingly more and more willing to consume content on a mobile device. The surprise is that the growth of health & fitness apps appears to be slowing.

fastest growing mobile apps


Health Meets Healthcare in an Italian Department Store

She may be on holiday but health economist and health/technology expert Jane Sarasohn-Kahn shares her observations about the intersection of health and healthcare. The location? Coin Department Store in Florence.  She writes “Consumers are increasingly defining the good life, La Dolce Vita, in ways where they have more control over their daily lives (in the spirit of healthcareDIY). This is an integral part of personalized health not defined by a health care system but by the individual her/himself. The phenomenon of look good/feel good has no gender boundary, either. Self-health is for every-body.” Talk about a content opportunity and personalization! Our brains are buzzing.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Life Sciences

This is probably the biggest news of the week: IBM has acquired Truven Health. This acquisition seals the data deal for the ever-growing IBM Watson franchise and offers a veritable treasure trove of hospital, insurance and consumer healthcare data. The potential is endless although privacy concerns still abound. From a content perspective, expect to see a lot of growth in healthcare discoveries department and predictive analytics. Personalization and user-generated content won’t be far behind.